UK 2018 and the Sony RX1Rii

Ok, let me say up front that the images from this camera, in the right environment are simply stunning!

Everything that I had previously read about the Dynamic Range (DR) of this camera sensor is true.

Everything I had read about the lens sharpness is true, equally, everything about the quirky Sony menu system is also true. But "Oh Boy"this camera is a joy to use. It is light, sturdy, inconspicuous, and produces fabulous images.

"Yes" the 35mm fixed lens, when compared to the Fuji 16mm and 8mm Fisheye lenses, is a bit "mundane", but the images it produces more than make up for this.

I did not find the Auto Focus system to be at all slow, as had been suggested in various OnLine forums. The exposure metering was highly accurate, even the "eye focus" feature worked well and was used to great effect in this family group shot...

I particularly liked the feature in the Sony that allowed me to set the camera on a 10 second timer for this shot, and then run around to the back of the group, waiting for the Sony to take not just one shot, but 5. This allowed me to find the one shot from the 5 where everyone actually had their eyes open a the same time!

This is Ralph Honeyman, my Nephews youngest son, who was also present at his first family gathering. I took this picture with the Sony in natural light. handheld,  and with no preparation, other than to wait for Ralph to look at the camera. Yes the shallow depth of field is obvious, but the picture from the Sony is IMHO simply fabulous.

The rest of the images from our UK trip can be sent at the UK2018 gallery on our website. Hopefully you will see this gallery also contains some great photos shot by Jill on her new Lumix GX9 camera..more on that to follow...


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