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UK 2018 and the Sony RX1Rii

Ok, let me say up front that the images from this camera, in the right environment are simply stunning!

Everything that I had previously read about the Dynamic Range (DR) of this camera sensor is true.

Everything I had read about the lens sharpness is true, equally, everything about the quirky Sony menu system is also true. But "Oh Boy"this camera is a joy to use. It is light, sturdy, inconspicuous, and produces fabulous images.

"Yes" the 35mm fixed lens, when compared to the Fuji 16mm and 8mm Fisheye lenses, is a bit "mundane", but the images it produces more than make up for this.
I did not find the Auto Focus system to be at all slow, as had been suggested in various OnLine forums. The exposure metering was highly accurate, even the "eye focus" feature worked well and was used to great effect in this family group shot...

I particularly liked the feature in the Sony that allowed me to set the camera on a 10 second timer for this shot, and then…

Big Mistake...Taking 2 new cameras on holiday!

So, having decided to join the growing army of mirrorless camera users, I purchased the Sony RX1Rii, which I have wanted to try out for a few years, and the Fuji XPro2, which I had wanted to return to since my early days trying out the XPro1.

So now the $64k question..Which camera to take on my upcoming trip?
Not unexpectedly, I couldn't decide, so I took both....big mistake!

We arrived in Dubai in the middle of Ramadan, and in the middle of the Dubai summer.

It's hot in Dubai any time, but especially hot in summer. Too hot to be stood around I the heat trying different camera settings, and certainly too hot for Jill to be bothered with her new camera (Panasonic Lumix GX9)

One of the points of going mirrorless was to reduce the weight of my carry around cameras.

So I immediately negated this benefit by carrying around not one, but two systems, including three lenses for the Fuji, a flash unit for the Sony, sunglasses, sunscreen cream, water, phone, wallet, etc, etc.

It was all …